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Welcome, Patrons!

This is a community of the interesting status of being dedicated to the unusual (to put it lightly, of course) "ship" of Kutner/"Thirteen" (aka Remy Hadley) from the show House, M.D.

We're glad you're here!

The only solid rule right now is that things that are posted are on topic. Depending on your post, "on-topic" runs the gamut of things.

For Community/RPG Pimping? Anything House, M.D. related is allowed for promotions
For Fanworks (art, fiction, icons, graphics)? it has to (duh!) be directly related to Kutner and/or Thirteen (of course it doesn't always have to be them in a romantic context, or both of them, but one or the other or both). No general House, M.D. or anything like that.
For discussions? After-episode discussions shall be posted, and discussions are definitely encouraged as long as they have to do with one or both of the characters presented for this community. Discussions of character development, subtext, friendships, speculations, all are allowed as long as they are Kutner and/or Thirteen related.
For miscellaneous? Video clips, interviews, promo pics, or anything related to Kutner, Thirteen, Kal Penn or Olivia Wilde is allowed. BUT no general House things, this is pairing/character specific.

Also, any and all spoilers (the most recent episodes of House, or any news of season five) should definitely be placed under a cut. Any excessively long posts should be cut as well (fanfictions, icon or large graphics) just so flists don't get flooded.

The Table

Feel free to use any prompts you want. =) No claiming is necessary. Click on the links to take you to entries tagged with the prompt.

1. Don’t ignore me2. The truth is rarely pure and never simple3. Get out of bed4. Some skinny pretty girl5. Comedian
6. Barracuda7. Under the bed8. We’re going to need a bigger boat9. I don’t give a damn10. House and Wilson
11. There’s more to life than increasing it’s speed12. I knew learning Hindi would come in handy 13. You never know14. Aftermath15. We’re on a mission!
16. Welcome home17. Just say it again and mean it18. Babysitting19. Back in the day…20. LMAO
21. You can’t dance22. The consequence of sounds23. Martyr Complex24. Why complain on easy street? 25. I didn’t mean to.
26. Let's make it work27. 10 items or less28. Park29. Glimpse of Hell30. I love you, I love you not
31. The angel of death32. Innocence33. The road less traveled34. Celebrate friends35. Repeat
36.Greetings from...37. Man in the wall38. Ground control39. Want to have fun40. When you were mine
41. Summer nights42. Dead or alive43. There is nothing here44. Sexy surprises45. Park regulations
46. Eye of the beholder47. A thing about machines48. The silence49. Mirror image50. What you need


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The mods:

Feel free to friend/contact/stalk/e-mail either of us for anything at all.